What Are The Various Types Of Online Games?

What Are The Various Types Of Online Games?

One can play a game and utilise one’s leisure time. There are various games present online in different genres. You can choose the one based on your interest levels.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

These are the internet based games that mean you need an active internet connection in order to play these games. Players often use virtual game rooms in order to interact with other players. It’s fun to play these games as it helps you to learn from other experienced players worldwide.


Simulation games have action, strategy, management, and combat. If you are new in the field of gaming, you can try playing these games. These are simple imitation games that are very interesting to play.


The games under this category are usually the single player games. You need to complete puzzles in order to move ahead in the game. There is usually a story running behind the scenes which tells you how to complete the game mission.

Real-time strategy

For these type of games, you need to build the stock of items and weapons. You have to complete the real-time strategies for levelling up in the game.

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These games are perfect for those who love to solve difficult puzzles. There are puzzles of different levels from easy to difficult. These games will greatly enhance your memory skills.


Action games are usually preferred by boys. You need to be really quick and energetic to win this game. You can be killed even with a matter of seconds. Just pick the avatar that would represent your character in the game and start playing.

Stealth shooter

The games under this category are war and spy-based games. You need to spy on your opponent in order to conquer your enemies.


These are the fighting games in which both the players need to use their reflexes well in the one on one fight. Otherwise, they could be knocked down easily by their opponent.

First person shooter

These are the shooting games which demands the players to target precisely.


You can play real-time sports like cricket, volleyball, basketball, Football etc. You can learn the game tactics by looking at the experienced players and use it for your own game.


There are also certain educational games which you can prefer for your children. These are basically multiple choice questions of maths, English, science etc.


There are different games available for the different age groups. You need to select the one which is appropriate for your age and try to master it. You can also use game hacks in order to play the game better. Battlefield 1 Hack is one such hack that is preferred by most of the people nowadays.