Types Of Essential Oil Diffusers


Oil diffusers are also known as aromatherapy best essential Oil Diffusers which are considered as the best devices to give you an instant relaxation by breathing the aromatic air produced by an aromatherapy diffuser. We all know the fact that how much essential oils are beneficial for our body. So basically essential oil diffuser make use of these essential oils to spread the fragrance of a particular oil into the air. In this way, you can also use the essential oils to give a nice redolence to your home. Like any other products, essential oil diffusers also come in different types. Below are some of the types of essential oil diffusers which you can choose according to your need.


Ultrasonic diffusers


If you are a person who does not prefer open flames then the ultrasonic diffuser is best for you. This diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations and water to make a fine mist which diffuse the essential oils into the air. Heat is not being used to prepare the mist. You just have to pour water in the reservoir and add few drops of your favorite oil according to the directions given with diffuser and turn on. After a few minutes you can enjoy the tranquil fragrance in your house.


Waterless Diffusers


best-essential-Oil -Diffusers
best essential Oil Diffusers


This diffuser does not use heat and water to disperse the essential oil into the air. It contains an atomizer which is responsible to create the fine particles of the oil that are distributed in the air to give a nice aroma. Heat and water both are not required in this diffuser. The reservoir in this diffuser is mostly made up of glass. You only have to fill the oil in the glass reservoir according to the guidelines and enjoy its benefits. Many diffusers also come with the medium and high diffusion settings. This diffuser is ideal for both large and small areas.


Candlelight diffusers


This diffuser needs water and a candle to disperse the essential oil into the air. You have to pour water in the top of the reservoir and add a few drops of oil in it. The candle slowly heats up the water and disperse the fragrance of the essential oil in the room. It is also a good replacement for scented candles.


Electric diffusers



Electric diffusers consist of a pad which absorbs essential oils. When the pad gets heated up it diffuses the fragrance of the essential oil into the air. You just need to drop a little amount of essential oil in the pad and turn on the diffuser. The pad is reusable but once it gets saturated or breaks down then replace it with a new one.



This is a little information about different types of essential oil diffusers which will help you to select an appropriate diffuser for your home or workplace.