The Vegetation Of Pots (Marijuana Weed) In The Pot

The Vegetation of Pots (Marijuana Weed) In The Pot

We call these plant weeds as it can be easily grown anywhere and it is really easy to plant the weeds. The important thing is that Cannabis (Marijuana) is a flowering plant and it bears flower and fruits only once in a year during the fall season (autumn). If you are growing the plant of marijuana for indoor you need to know that it requires minimum 12 hours of sunlight in order to get good flowering weed. While you could not make use of the flowers of an immature plant. A pot plant needs to grow at least for certain weeks before flowering. Here are some simple methods which you can apply for vegetating beautiful pot plant for your indoors.

  • Bounding the roots

While you grow a plant in a pot, the roots of the plant could not be able to use the most of the soil of the pot and most of the time the roots get concentrated at the bottom of the pot.

You can avoid this problem by using transplanting method while the process is very simple you need to plant your marijuana in a small pot for some time and then transfer it to the bigger pot. While at some point you cannot be able to change your pots.

  • Horticultural lightning

You can make use of bulbs light for providing light for your cannabis plant. While the bulbs use for horticultural lightening are quite expensive. You do not need those expensive light for the indoor planting of marijuana. As you can also make use of inexpensive lights or you can also put you Plant pot near the window so it can get some sunlight.

The best method to grow more flowers in the marijuana plant is to provide it sunlight for more than 12 hours every day.

  • Air pruning

It happens because of the roots of the marijuana plant coming in contact with dry air and it makes the root of the plant get burned and the plant will stop growing from that side, because of this reason smart pots and Air pots are designed.

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  • Smart Pots

These pots are formed with the breathable fabric or fiber material because of that the air can pass through these pots. There are varieties in shape and size of these pots that you can choose according to your interest.

  • Air Pots

These pots contain air holes and basically, it is used for making the plant roots to follow the holes in the pot. While these get out of the pot they get pruned and the plant will be able to grow straighter and it also helps the roots to not get concentrated at the bottom of the pot.

There are many more tricks for growing Weed in a pot indoors. Usage of fabric pot like in Smart Pot is better for the growth of this plant. Remember that your roots should be not closed and packed, it also needs air to breathe. You can buy weed online where you can find different varieties of Marijuana plant. Most of these online sites are legal for purchasing weeds.