Is MS Office 365 Is The Part Of Daily Life?

Almost so many peoples are using the computer, laptops or smartphones. MS Office 365 is the set of applications and servers which has been developed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. People using Microsoft office tools or using the Windows operating system with the exclusive great features and have the complete information about its tools which can make work better in a systematic way. MS Office set up is also considered as a combined set of application software basically need for the business like proper working for the clients, maintaining of report sheets, documents, files and many more.

MS is a combined series set up of business software applications mainly used for Windows. It can do the programs like data processing, text editing, file management, emails storage, audio-videos storage which is the needs of the business. MS Office 2010 is the updated version as on July 2010. Recently it has developed its latest versions of Office Mobile which enables the users to have all the facilities of its applications with mobile devices.

Features of MS Office 365 are as follows:-

1. MS Excel – It comes in the form of spreadsheet program comprises of rows and columns that help the businesses to create their files and accounts details. Companies wise the use of Excel is in different manners to save their data.

2. MS Word – It is basically a program that mainly used for writing articles, reports, documentation and other tasks related to the text.

3. MS Access – It combines the databases which are very much helpful for owners of small business.

4. MS Outlook – It acts as an information manager usually as an application for email application that includes a task manager, creating business cards and greetings, and for the official emails.

5. MS PowerPoint – Using this tool it is easy to make anyone easily understand with the help of graphics, slides, animations, and effects as well.

Use of MS Office in daily life are as follows:-

1. Uses in the business needed: – Using MS Word, there are so many numbers of official documents, files and reports have been made in these tools. It allows to use templates, and other features like mail merge which facilitates to send one document to thousands of people at a time.

2. For education purposes: – Since we are living in a technical era it is mandatory to provide complete basic or advance knowledge to all of the students as per their level and necessity. It is the fact that all the youngsters are moving towards the IT and software fields after the completing his/her graduation. But the basic needs are starting from MS Office only.

3. Software companies can also use MS tools: – It is used here for creating web-pages, maintaining documents, desktop publishing and mainly for sending official emails, and so many official works.

4. Presentation: – From small startups to the big companies with huge turnover all use MS PowerPoint to make their presentations that apply creative audiovisual effects and slideshows.