How To Register Your Company With Companies House?

How To Register Your Company With Companies House?

Nowadays it became quite easier to register a company. Gone are those days when you have to file your papers and have to wait for weeks to get an approval while paying quite a large amount as a privilege. But now because of the online method, it became quite easier while you may like to avoid the complications of filling online documentation by hiring an accountant or solicitor. While if you would like to take any help related to online documentation of companies house then you can take the services of Mason Soiza for registering your new business company in the UK.

In this article, you will be able to understand about the formalities of registering a new company.

Decide you want to be LTD company or not

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There are quite an advantages of having private limited company than being a limited one. Private companies have their own sets of legal rights as an individual and can also protect their shareholders from the liabilities of the business, which limited companies do not have. But the private company needed to maintain all the official and accountable records which needed to be shown to the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) or Companies House.


Decide the unique name

The naming of the company is the real asset for the future growth of the business. For a bad choice, you and your shareholder would regret for rest of the life. While it is better to not take a rash decision and also check if there is not any other company is having the similar naming. There are numbers of rules regarding, what type of name must be chosen by companies and most of the names allotted there might be already taken. A new LTD company should take the approval from the Companies House about the name proposed.

Details needed for company registration

You need to check all the document which needed to be required for company’s registration process. Here is the detail which you should check.

  1. Company’s Name
  2. UK Registered Address of the company
  3. SIC codes: Standard Industrial Classification code which categorizes the working tasks of the companies.
  4. Details of the overall capital: for private companies limited by shares, at least one share should be issued.
  5. Company’s director or other secretary officers if the company needed.
  6. Initial shareholder details: At least one shareholder who can even be the director of the company.

    Mason Soiza
    Mason Soiza

At last, you need to complete all the rules and regulation of the company while you could fill up the incorporation needed to fill in the Company House.