Drill Machine- Classification and Their Application


Human being invented various rotatory tools and then illustrated their application. One of the widely used tool is a drill machine that plays an important role in performing various household and industrial activities. The intention of writing this article is to make people aware of the essential of drill machines.


What is a Drill Machine?


Drill machine can be simply termed as a mechanized tool used for drilling holes in solid objects like concrete walls, tough stones, mirror or metals with the drill bit. Drills are available in wide varieties TA wide range of drill applications are used in construction, metalworking and woodworking companies. In order to perform household maintenance activities like making holes on walls, small drills are considered to be suitable as it provides ease in handling and does require high electricity consumption. It would be suitable considering drill to be one of the oldest handy tools.


Types of Drill Machine


Best hammer drill


Different drills are made on the basis of industrial needs. They are further categorized because of their specialization such as automated and manual drills machines.

Manual drills require a skilled operator to use his hand power and make pressure to make a drill on surface or material, wherever they want. Its examples are push drill, bow drill (mainly for household uses) and also Best hammer drill (for industrial purpose).

Drills that require electricity powers for their regulation, known as electronic drill and the one which consumes compressed air is a pneumatic drill. Let’s discuss some common kinds of drill:-


Drill press


It’s a kind of machine which is fixed either to the floor or the work-table by fitting bolts in them. This drilling machine uses induction motor supply to perform the task of drilling small or larger bit on the object. They are quite light and are much convenient to use as compared to a hand drill.


Radial drill machine


This drill machines accomplish their work without rearranging the work piece. Radial drill machines are manufactured comprising of various dimensions over the head and are capable of drilling both the small or enhanced sizes of hole. They are extensively popular and preferred in most of the workshops, industries and maintenance firms.




The basic function of drill machine is to make holes of different dimensions on a solid surface or object. Various forms of drills are used for industries applications, based on their features and ability to perform tasks.




Hence these are some of the classifications as well as the applications of the Drilling Machine.