The channels provided in digital or cable TV are a package which comes with a limited scheme. They decide the channels for their subscribers according to their monthly or annual package system.

The question is why we need to watch what others are showing us while we can make our choice to watch only the programs we want to watch. It will be much better if we can just find the program we want to watch just like web services or the Internet.

The Internet is the one of the best creation of technology which can browse most of the information around the world on your PC or laptop. You can also connect your TV to the Internet connection to browse the program online which you want to see. This type of service you can get with the IPTV subscription.

How does it work?

An Internet Protocol Television is a service which connects you to all the favorite TV channels programs, Movies, and Videos all things which you want to watch on your TV. There are some free videos and some need to be purchased according to the subscription plan of service. This service can be purchased online to enjoy all the variety of content to watch on your TV. You need to connect your TV to high-speed Internet service. You just need a smart TV that can connect to the Internet or you can use any standalone box or set-top box to connect your TV from the Internet.

This service can provide all the three different features of programs which you would like to be on your TV.

  1. Video or Movie on Demand: By using this service you can get all the movies or videos which you would like to watch on TV. You can download these videos and can watch it later. Some of these movies are paid movies in which you need to pay for downloading or watching those videos online.

    IPTV Subscription
    IPTV Subscription
  2. Recorded Program or Time-shifted: These are the programs which are broadcasted after some time when the series of the whole program is completed, so it will be convenient for viewers. You can download or watch online the whole series of the program.
  1. Live programs: You can watch the programs that are live broadcasted and can enjoy the real fun of the live performances on your Television. This type of programs cannot be downloaded online but you can record this kind of program by using a special set-top box or by using internet enable Blu-ray which can record live streaming videos.

A conventional way of TV broadcasting is not based on the interest of ourselves. It would be much better if we can watch the programs which we really want to. With the developing technology many of the people are shifting their own preference and may be in the future web-based Television will become the best medium of entertainment.