A card game is a game which is played by using cards. Playing cards are one of the known old game. This is one of the traditional game that exists. It can be a pastime to remove boredom and offers pleasure and entertainment. There are few advantages of playing cards more than the just enjoyment. It can help you to sharpen your mind, boost confidence and memory.

Benefits of playing cards

1. Interaction

Card game involves a number of players that play together which leads to interaction. You engage yourself in a little friendly competition.

2. Intelligence

Many card games are played by using strategies which helps you to enhance your skills such as statistics and probability.

3. Challenging

Many card games entail complex strategies and high level of difficulty from which you learn to be smart, challenging and clever.

Solitaire Free
Solitaire Free

6 cards game you should know

They are 6 card games which are traditional and also have been played by till many of our grandparents that we all should know-

• Gin rummy

It is a gameplay in which participants try to make a set of 3 or a sequence of 3 in suited cards.
Gin rummy gets immensely popular in Hollywood on movie and TV.

• Hearts

It is one of the tricky card game. Rather than the trick, you have to avoid collecting hearts depending upon the cards in the pile.
It usually played to 100 points, but the one who has 100 points will be the loser and the lowest number one will be the winner.

• Poker

It is a betting game where every player will be dealing with the two or more cards face down and they are called as your hole cards. Then, a round of betting starts where you can bet, fold, or check.

• Solitaire

This is one of the old games which is preferred by the most people.
The first solitaire was played with multiple participants either by taking turns or making moves where everyone has their own deck and seeing who will win. But then it is observed that it is game which is played alone against the deck.
After that many versions of solitaire were made. Nowadays it is also available online where even you don’t need to shuffle the cards. For example-solitaire free.

• Cribbage

It is a card game which is generally played by two people. It has two parts- one is pegging where you count your and your opponent’s card up to 31 and counting where you make sets, runs and 15s with your card.

• Blackjack

Blackjack is most popular and widely played in the casino. In this game, you and your group will be betting against a dealer, not with each other. The one who gets total numerical value close to 21 or at 21(not more than 21) will win and if the dealer gets close to 21, you lose.


As we all know playing cards is one of the traditional game and it is the best pastime of all age groups. It gives you immense pleasure as well as entertainment, make you clever and brushes your skills.