Know The Difference Between Low, Mid And High-Quality Of Weed

Know The Difference Between Low, Mid And High-Quality Of Weed

This is no shock anymore that weeds have a lot of benefits. Cannabis contains essential oils and vitamins. They also contain two active chemical compounds cannabidiol and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which impact the brain and have the pain relieving properties.

Nowadays, weeds can be used for smoking and as edibles as well. Weed edibles are quite popular and they are added to brownies and cookies.

But during consumption of weed whether by smoking or eating, the quality of weed matter because it can greatly influence the overall consumption.

You should know the different qualities of weed and how to determine them because the quality is all matters.

Here are the different quality of your flower and their effectiveness –

  1. Low quality –

Low-quality of cannabis is commonly referred as schwag. They are typically harsh and can inspire a coughing fit. They are the least expensive and their consumption can give you an unpleasant experience. Low quality of weed is older and has been not properly cured and dried. It provides a higher amount of cannabidiol compound.

  • They contain seeds and are brown in color.
  • They are dry and get easily crumbles.
  • They are airy and not dense. It also contains few crystals like trichomes.
  • They are harsh to smoke and causes chest pain.
  • They have a poor, weak and musty smell.
  1. Mid quality –

Mid quality is an average herb. They are moderately priced which is available in many dispensaries, and coffee shops. They typically provide an average amount of THC compound.

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  • They have small and tiny buds and has adequate trichome coverage.
  • They are grown with decent genetics from clones or seeds.
  • They have chopping trimming and manicuring.
  • They burn smoothly and produces gray ash.
  • They have an aroma that may be nice, not disgusted.
  1. High quality –

The high quality of cannabis is the grand supreme quality in the cannabis world. They are usually referred as chronic. The high quality of weeds is either high in cannabidiol or THC.

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  • They are organic, dense and have a coating of trichomes.
  • They are rare, craft and have superior genetics.
  • They produce dense and fluffy buds which are large and substantial.
  • They have a wide range of colors from green to purple, pink, black and blue.
  • They burn very smoothly and produce a nice white ash.
  • They are pesticides and pathogens free.


You need to know how to determine the different qualities of weed. The right consumption of weeds can only provide you beneficial effects. You can buy weed online to get the supreme qualities.