Benefits Of Merino Wool Fabrics

Benefits of Merino Wool Fabrics

Merino fabrics are crafted from the quality wools of the Merino sheep and exhibit a unique blend of properties. Some of its benefits are:

merino wool fabrics
merino wool fabrics
  1. Soft- Merino wools are made out of the finest fibres that make it the strongest. It is a complete blend of soft and luxurious wools that would be gentle to your skin.

  2. Elastic- Their elasticity ensures that it stretches along with you and also attains its original shape afterwards.

  3. Breathable- They are able to absorb a large amount of water and later on also evaporates into the air thus making it breathable.

  4. Static resistant- It does not produce static electricity as it absorbs most of the moisture vapours and put it back in the air.

  5. Odour resistant- As merino wools absorb moisture vapour, it ensures that it is always free of sweat. And no sweat leads to no odour.

  6. Machine washable- In contrast to other woollen fabrics, you can wash them in your machine and pat it dry.

  7. Warm & cool- You can use these wools in winter as well in summers as it is able to react according to your body temperature.

  8. Anti-wrinkle- These fabrics are resistant to wrinkles due to their property of regaining its original shape after being twisted.

  9. Fire resistant- You can feel secure in these wools as they resist fire easily. That means it does not melt and stick to the skin.

  10. A barrier to UV rays– You can wear these wools during sunny days as they are capable to prevent ultraviolet rays.

  11. Natural- These are made of the finest sheep wool by consuming natural resources like water, sunshine, air etc. thus making them a natural fabric.

  12. Biodegradable- Merino wools can be decomposed into the soil and release valuable nutrients back to the earth.

  13. Fashionable- These wools are very flexible and lively and are available in a wide variety of colours and textures.

  14. Easy to tailor- It doesn’t crush with use and responds quickly to ironing.

  15. Permanent press- These wools enable the designers to create a wide range of styles and designs as it can be set permanently and be used with an ease.


There are various types of wools available on the online store with different quality and texture, Merino wool fabrics being the best. Just try this fabric and you will surely fall in love with their look and feel.